Experience is valuable and we have it. Eminent Designs has a lot to offer and can do anything and build anything your business needs. With every project we do, we only get better.


Without strategy, your business doesn't stand a chance. Laying the foundation for a successful web site is the key to reaching your business's goals.

Eminent Designs offers several strategic options to maximize your business's traffic and usability. During our consultations, Eminent will work with you to determine the best plan of action to address your business's unique needs. Our strategic offerings include branding, content management, eCommerce, SEO (search engine optimization) and more.


Your presence on the web starts with a great design. Our experienced web designers consider everything from color to business goals when creating a unique site for your business. We are also more than happy to design logos and other company-specific designs. The end result is a professional, sleek and user-friendly web site for your business.


Choosing the right technology and development platform is imperative for web site optimization. The developers at Eminent Designs work directly with you to help make these important decisions and develop your site to your exact specifications.

We can develop anything from small custom sites for small and medium-sized business to large, full-scale sites using sophisticated CMSs (content management systems). For the front end, we specialize in HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. For the back-end, we primarily work with PHP and mySQL databases.